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A Day in the Life of Hudson

by Martin Smith

One of the nicest features in the Hudson Gazette is the “That was then” historic photo that appears on the editorial page each week. The Hudson Historical Society would like to ensure this documentation of everyday life continues well into the future.

In conjunction with the Greenwood Centre for Living History and the StoryFest month, the Hudson Historical Society invites all budding historians to continue to write the story of our fair village. On Saturday, October 20, please take photos and/or video shots of everyday life in and around your home, neighbourhood or part of Hudson you find yourself in, as part of the first annual “Day in the Life of Hudson” event. We plan on repeating this event during different seasons over the years, in order to preserve our living history.

Email your images, along with a caption describing who is in the picture, where it was taken and any other pertinent details, to the Hudson Historical Society at If your photographs are on traditional film, contact to arrange for a delivery. Also please visit the Hudson Historical Society website for updates and interesting information about Hudson and area.