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Genealogy of the Seguin Family

Hello everyone


My great-grand-father  Abraham Joseph Séguin

He was born in Rigaud Vaudreuil area in 1862, son of Abraham Séguin

My question to all of you ....does anyone know what happened to him between 1893 and 1900

Those are the years we believe he died either in Rigaud or on border 

He was married to Emilia Blay and father of 17 children, but only 4 survived to adult age

It was written that he was a pilot...that would explain his travelling so much and the children being born all over, southern Québec, Ontario and NY state...between 1882 AND 1900

If someone could help would be greatly appreciated.

Pls note the Seguin Family organization is also helping in the search but unable to find him

Would he have sunk with a long ship, during the construction of the railroad

Thank you in advance and if you wish to reach me more quickly pls use

Again many thanks and this website is very instructive and recommend to everyone 





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Submitted by Lise Labbé on Mon, 2011-01-24 01:14.