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March 14th. 2016 Speaker Michel Bélisle: "Cote Cavagnal : the Rigaud and the De Lotbinière-Harwood Legacies"

Montreal area resident, historian and accomplished writer Michel Bélisle will deliver an eye opening talk about the significance of the ‘Cavagnal coast’, which is currently the Hudson area.  It was considered one of the most coveted, challenging, and important territories for the fur trade based on the Ottawa river system.  Additionally he will speak about some of the noble families of Rigaud (Revel, Chartier de Lotbinière-Harwood), their descendants and their role in the development of the area.

 Michel is originally from Montreal and studied anthropology (ethnology option) at the University of Montreal and environmental studies at the University of Québec.  His career has been principally in the museum field most notably the McCord, the Musée régional de Vaudreuil -Soulanges , and la Maison Trestler.

 An accomplished speaker (nascent industries and life in the area and abroad), he is also the author of no less than 8 publications on the immediate area.  A truly notable scholar, please join us for another enlightening and interesting session about Hudson and neighboring communities. 

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