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Hudson and the Patriote Rebellion of 1837-8.

Hudson was involved in this important event in pre-Confederation history. The (original) Willow Inn, then owned by a Mr. Desjardins, was a site for Patriote activities. A Mr. Whitlock was another prominent English-speaking Patriote. John Thompson's book Hudson: the Early Years Up to 1867 provides a wealth of information about the turbulent events of that era.

Those amongst you who read French should also have a look at the ethnologist Robert Lionel Seguin's important work on the history of the insurrection in the county of Vaudreuil entitled Le mouvement insurrectionnel dans le Presqu'ile de Vaudreuil--1837-1838, published in 1955. As well, you might want to read Seguin's history of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, also in French, published on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the parish of St. Thomas Aquinas in 1947. This last mentioned work is both difficult to come by and more than just a history of St. Thomas Parish. It is also a history of that part of the country of Vaudreuil that stretches along the Ottawa river.